Cbg oil

Interesting facts about the CBG

The compound CBG is one of the building blocks of the cannabis plant, like CBD or THC. It is an active ingredient that is not psychotropic, but is plant specific, meaning that it is present in different amounts depending on the cannabis plant species.

Of the cannabinoids, CBD and THC are better known than CBG, but this does not mean that CBG is less important. One thing is for sure, there is much less of it than the other two compounds.

The interesting thing is that both CBD and THC are formed from CBG. In fact, it could be thought of as the parent of other cannabinoids, because it is converted into other cannabinoids through a natural process in the plant. This explains why CBG content is so low in most cannabis plants.

CBG (cannabigerol) has been known since the 1960s and has been studied continuously since then, along with the other active substances in hemp. Its acid form was isolated 15 years later. It was also discovered that as the plant ages, it loses CBG content. Heat accelerates this process early enough and cannabis can lose most of its CBG content even when young.

Hemp generally contains less than 1% CBG. Attempts are being made to extract CBG from the budding, very young plant and experiments are also being carried out with crosses to extract as much CBG as possible. It is hoped that the research and trials will eventually lead to the creation of a CBG-rich cannabis variety.

CBG-enriched extracts, commonly known as CBG oil, are commonly sought for people with neurological problems and neurological disorders, but are also recommended for skin conditions and chronic pain. CBG also finds a connection to our body’s function through our cannabinoid receptors. There are still very few human trials and publications on its effects, so further studies are needed to make clear claims about its effectiveness.

The researchers suggest that CBG plays a significant role in coordinating the effects of cannabinoids, which may be explained by the synergy between the compounds. It is a partial agonist.

CBG is also available as an ingredient in CBD oil, with some brands containing slightly higher doses of this compound.

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