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Optimizing dairy cow health and milk yield with CAL+ calcium salt

The world of dairy farming revolves around the well-being and productivity of cows, and a key factor in achieving this lies in their diet. CAL+ calcium salt from FoodGrid is a game-changing addition that offers a host of benefits for both the health and milk production of dairy cows. Tailored to meet the unique needs of ruminants, CAL+ brings a powerful combination of energy, nutrition and efficient digestion to the table.

The CAL+ composition

CAL+ is composed of calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids, derived from the natural and non-genetically modified processing of palm fatty acid distillates. The combination of these components with calcium results in a powerful combination that offers high energy density. This energy source plays a crucial role in the cow’s diet, ensuring they receive the necessary energy to thrive.

The role of rumen bypass

One of the standout features of CAL+ is its ability to bypass the rumen bacteria. The calcium bonding with fatty acids prevents the supplement from being broken down prematurely in the cow’s stomach, ensuring that the nutrients reach the lower stomach for efficient digestion and absorption. This rumen bypass step is a key player in providing clean and effective nutrient absorption.

Boosting milk yield

CAL+ is not your average supplement; it’s a smart solution designed to optimize milk yield. This reacted rumen bypass fat takes a special route through the cow’s stomach, ensuring that its nutrients are digested effectively in the lower stomach. This unique digestion process translates to higher milk yield, making CAL+ an invaluable asset in the world of dairy farming.

Tailored nutrition for high-performing cows

CAL+ has a specific focus on supporting high-producing dairy cows during lactation and aiding the growth of young animals. The formulation of CAL+ takes into account the energy and nutrition needs of ruminants, making it a prime choice for enhancing milk production without interfering with the natural activities of the cow’s rumen. It’s all about providing the right nutrients at the right time, ensuring optimal health and growth.

Certified quality for your cattle

Producing a high-quality supplement is non-negotiable for FoodGrid, and CAL+ ensures top-tier standards in every batch. Following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and certified with ISO 14001 and 22000 certificates, the production process guarantees a product that’s reliable, safe and effective. The meticulous analysis of raw materials, especially the palm fatty acid distillates, further cements CAL+’s commitment to quality.

The benefits of CAL+

CAL+ is the best choice of supplement when it comes to enhancing dairy cow health and productivity. With 84% total fat content, it serves as a supplemental fat source that not only increases energy density in the cow’s diet but also comes at a lower upfront cost. The benefits are multi-fold: cost savings, increased total milk volume, improved body condition and enhanced conception rates. Cows that breed back quicker after calving move back into the milk production cycle sooner, contributing to a more efficient and productive operation for dairy farmers.


In the dynamic landscape of dairy farming, CAL+ calcium salt is a standout choice for optimizing dairy cow health and milk production. Its tailored formulation, adherence to quality standards and unique rumen bypass capabilities position it as a valuable tool for dairy farmers. Whether it’s supporting lactating cows or aiding young animals‘ growth, CAL+ brings a blend of energy, nutrition and effective digestion to the table. It’s not just a supplement; it’s a step toward a healthier and more productive dairy farming future.